Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains 
is a non profit organization dedicated to shaping contemporary visual culture through publishing, online and offline events and educational programs.
Based in Paris, France, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, producers, curators and creatives around the world.

TOC is a project founded by LesTracesduRé - Paris and


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    - Closed for Opening  
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Live Streaming Night

10.05PM CEST

curated by Alessandro Urso

TOC celebrates 2020 and the moving image culture by presenting a series of free online live streaming selections that bring together artists and curators from all around the world.

The program features video works by acclaimed and emerging artists exploring contemporary culture through new media, experimental film, and video. It presents a panorama showcasing the variety and breadth of video art and experimental cinema in today's artistic practice.

The first selection, 'Inside/Outside,' serves as a meditation on the limits of our globalized world—a journey to the outermost reaches of the universe where we confront the irrationality of our beautiful and powerful ethical contradictions. This collection is curated by Alessandro Urso.

The screening includes works by Wong Ping, Brodcked & Barbuat, Sean Wang, Nikki Milan Houston, Caspar Stracke, Gala Hernàndez, Ross Meckfessell, Shon Kim, and Yohann Stehr.


Yoann Stehr -
CORPS - À corps

Brodbeck & de Barbuat -
Silent world - excerpt
2008-2013/USA, China, France, Italy /7'45

Sean Wang -
Still Here (還在)

Nikki Milan Houston -
The First Instance of Intimate Connection

Gala Hernàndez -

Caspar Stracke -
Sad Sack

Ross Meckfessel -
The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs
2018/16mm/Optical Sound/11’

Shon Kim -
oloc Boloc
2013/color/S.Korea, USA/5’

Wong Ping -
Teenage Riot – Eyes (Emo Punk Angry Love Song)
2015/Hong Kong/2’54



Curated by Alessandro Urso.

Fully available, courtesy of the artists.
All rights belong to their respective owners.

Wong Ping,
Teenage Riot – Eyes (Emo Punk Angry Love Song)

2015/Hong Kong/2’54
Music video directed, edited and shot by Wong Ping

Eyes (Emo Punk Angry Love Song)
Your eyes, your hair, your face, you’re my babe
Your smile, your voice, your care, you’re my babe
Your touch, your hug, your love, you’re my babe
But you run, but you run, now you left, my only babe
For all the times we changed our minds
For everything we left behind

Brodbeck & de Barbuat,
Silent world
2008-2013/USA, China, France, Italy /7'45

7'45 minutes photo-roman about the Silent world project

Music, main theme: Philip Glass. Music, second theme: Daft Punk.
courtesy of the artists.

Sean Wang,
Still Here (還在)

"Still Here" was filmed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in the village where my grandmother lived, my mother grew up, and where I spent my childhood summers. Nine years ago, my grandmother moved out of the village. Recently, I discovered that not only did nobody move into my grandmother's house after she left, but that the entire village had been displaced and decayed for years, except for a few residents who refused to leave. I was curious to find out what their lives were like now that the village was abandoned, and why they decided to stay.

Director / Editor: Sean Wang
Producers: Cynthia Lee, Pamela Li, Sean Wang
Cinematographer: Zach Stoltzfus
Composer: Breton Vivian
Production & Post-Production Sound: Michael O' Connor
Colorist: Kinan Chabani

Nikki Milan Houston,
The First Instance of Human Connection

Where is intimacy found in the public space?
an homage to maya deren.

Gala Hérnandez,
Thank You So Much

Teaser of a movie that will never exist.

Director: Gala Hernández
Screenplay: Gala Hernández
Production company: Ssang Films - ESCAC Films
Producer: Olga Valiño
Cinematography: A.Pol Camprubí
Edition: Gala Hernández
Sound recording: Pol Fontanals
Art direction: Alfonso Mancha
Cast: Ludmila Tabisova, Mafer Blanco, Bianca Millo, María García, Francesc Vila.
Format: Digital
Country: Spain
Year: 2016

Caspar Stracke,
Sad Sack

An encounter of myths.
Is the world more resembling a flat, grammophone record or a child on the back of Atlas?

“A parable and mystery play in which Aaron, Pascal and "the world" come together. A poor drip (sad sack) drowns in his own self-pitty. Highly talented Caspar Stracke has something to say against the pathos and world-escape in this elaborate film full of staging, costume design. He is becoming concrete at the beach of Coney Island." (Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Franfurter Rundschau)

with: Nashom Wood, Matthew Courtney, Hiltrud Stahl.

Ross Meckfessell,
The Air of the Earth in Your Lungs
2018/16mm/Optical Sound/11’

“The real and the virtual fold together and apart until space itself is rendered immaterial in this slipstream of digital-modulated environments that brings together landscape photography, video game interfaces, and drone-conducted land surveys in brisk montage”

Shon Kim,
oloc Boloc
2013/color/S.Korea, USA/5’

By one artistic visualization, uniform materiality of mass products are transformed to abstract originality in emotional area. By auditory directing, personal memories, the phases of the times products were made, and social meanings for each products are restored. I hope this work reminds about therapeutic aspect of art and puts a little warmth into media genre now being deeply technologized and intellectualized.

Yohann Stehr
CORPS - À corps

Réalisation : Yoann Stehr
Production : Temple Caché