Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains 
is a non-profit curatorial platform promoting exhibitions, artistic residencies, screenings, workshops and educational projects.
Created by apsninfa and Les Traces Dupleix/Paris, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, producers, curators and creatives around the world.


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A. A. A.

ethnographic empathic database

*This workshop is already concluded. If you are interested in working with our artists to host another workshop with you, please contact us via email*

Curating is to generate empathy and meaningful relations between people.

Re-elaborating the famous questionnaire “Experimental Generation Of Interpersonal Closeness” by Arthur Aron, the artist and filmmaker Rossella Piccinno creates an instrument able to generate relations between the artists,  the curators in residence and the local community.

The database can regenerate itself and stimulate the co-creation of artistic projects, in a potentially infinite loop where interview and ethnography become a powerful curatorial tool.

TOC A.A.A by Rossella Piccinno
production: Toc Centre for Curatorial Practices
interviews by Rossella Piccinno and Gianluca Rollo

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full database available on demand