Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains 
is a non-profit curatorial platform promoting exhibitions, artistic residencies, screenings, workshops and educational projects.
Created by apsninfa and Les Traces Dupleix/Paris, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, producers, curators and creatives around the world.


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Vittorio Parisi meets Gonzo, Pierre and the other members of the Collective Contrebande in the first issue of the magazine TOC brutism.e.s. *, a space of research and experimentation on raw art, brut, modeste, naïf, singulier, hors normes, unusual, popular, de la rue and other unnecessary contemporary needs.

Produced by, under the creative direction of Alessandro Urso and Asako Yamasaki, with Lidia Fusaro, Vittorio Parisi, Césarine Fabbro, Diletta Casalino, Anaïs Dutilleux, Leo Wang.

photo credit: Asako Yamasaki





@Jill Chauvat