Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains 
is a non profit organization dedicated to shaping contemporary visual culture through publishing, online and offline events and educational programs.
Based in Paris, France, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, producers, curators and creatives around the world.

TOC is a project founded by LesTracesduRé - Paris and


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    - TOC Zine Issue #1
    - Brutism.e.s.* #1
    - History of a Tree    
    - TOC Closed for Opening
    - Mapped: the (UN)Seen


    - Damaged Goods
    - Closed for Opening  
    - Toc&Diarc Shuffling Parasites
    - Toc Prélude
    - Hopefully This Is Just the Beginning
    - Crossed Timelines
    - Inside//Outside
    - Flatform - History of a Tree
    - Endemico
    - Entrustments
    - Lightcone(s)

TOC Centre for Curatorial Practices

    - TOC+LTdR--> SUB/ARCHIVE   
    - Mapping the Unseen 
    - Expanding Cinema
    - TOC OHM  
    - EURAU 2018
    - TOC Summer School 17
      Focus on Abilities
    - TOC Winter School 17
      Shuffling Parasites

    - A.A.A.  
    - Conversations on Parasitisms
    - Architectures Without Architects
    - Entrustments
    - Spotting Beauties

TOC is a project founded by
apsninfa - Lecce and Les Traces du Réel - Paris

Alessandro Urso, Lidia Fusaro, Asako Yamasaki, Diletta Casalino, Anaïs Dutilleux, Leo Wang

Supported by
Mairie de Paris - Mairie de Montreuil - Mairie du 15e - Maison de la Vie Associative et Citoyenne du 15e - Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri/Dipartimento della Gioventù - MiBACT/DGAAC - Unipolis/Culturability - Calcagnile Exhibit - Cargo

Main Partners
Università degli Studî di Napoli Federico II - Università del Salento - Anyway Accessalento - Giacche Verdi Salento - Casello 13 - Liceo Scientifico ‘Don Tonino Bello’ Copertino - Liceo Artistico e Coreutico “Ciardo Pellegrino” Lecce 

22, rue de la Saïda
75015, Paris

RNA : W751243834
SIRET: 92295110800013

26, Piazza del Popolo
73043, Copertino (Le)