- TOC, Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains,
is an art curatorial platform based in Italy and France promoting exhibitions, artistic residencies, screenings, happenings, workshops and educational projects.
It was created by apsninfa and Les Traces Dupleix and operates at the intersection of contemporary art and research.

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Copertino - Italy

Prélude is the opening event of TOC Centre. It’s a moment in which we communicate to the public the process of renovation of the Clock Tower of Copertino - a space closed for the past 30 years and finally reopened - which will be a place for installations, artistic residencies, workshops and office. Through exhibitions, film performances and happening concentrated around Piazza del Popolo (the main square of Copertino), Prélude is an investigation on the topics of multisensory and cultural accessibility, using moving images and time based arts as tools.  

The exhibitions are hosted by several places of Copertino, first of all the Clock Tower, where it is possible to visualize the work of Labuat - a collective of architectures - with the designers Bruna Sigillo and Gabriella Mastrangelo, the sound designer Giuseppe Maietta and the visual artist Pamela Campagna.
The moving images are live performed in Piazza del Popolo by the artistic collective Nominoë and their expanded cinema performance “Parallax”. The “Sala Civica” is presented as the TOC Pavillon, presenting Closeness - a visual soundscape created by Rossella Piccinno and the multisensory visualization of the Clock Tower realized by Diomede Stabile with the support of the students of the association Giacche Verdi.

Colours, an expanded installation by Nominoë, will be visible until the 4th of October in the Ex Monastery of Clarisse. A final party on the roof of the terrace of the Ex Monastery is closing Prélude, with the dj set of Cosimo Terlizzi - aka dj Cocco - in collaboration with Quiet Zone.

The exhibitions and installations are accessible for people with disability