Troubles Obsessionnels Contemporains 
is a non profit organization dedicated to shaping contemporary visual culture through publishing, online and offline events and educational programs.
Based in Paris, France, its mission is to combine artists’ work with a school of critical thinkers, producers, curators and creatives around the world.

TOC is a project founded by LesTracesduRé - Paris and


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    - TOC Zine Issue #1
    - Brutism.e.s.* #1
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    - Closed for Opening  
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    - Toc Prélude
    - Hopefully This Is Just the Beginning
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      Shuffling Parasites

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    - Conversations on Parasitisms
    - Architectures Without Architects
    - Entrustments
    - Spotting Beauties


Incontri del Terzo Luogo/


@Clocktower, Manifatture Knos

free admission with reservation

*This workshop is already concluded. If you are interested in working with our artists to host another workshop with you, please contact us via email*

Reliable is the person who relies himself.
Trusting means enriching, which leads to a friendship.
We get along because we trust each other.
Be suspicious is good, but trust is even better.What does it means to give custody of a public building to the citizens? How can they be always more involved in public participation? How can spaces be entrust to somebody else without waiting the timing of the public administration?

Those are the questions that lead the new edition of Gli Incontri del Terzo Luogo, supported by Krill Magazine, Apulia Film Commission, TOC Centre, Domicilio Rodogallo, Chourmo, Terminalia, Sementerie Artistiche, AAltra, Alternata and other partners.

On Friday 20th of April TOC-Centre will be introduced during a talk/work session of the meeting, that will be attended by the students of the Artistic High School “Ciardo Pellegrino” of Lecce, those of the University “Federico II” of Naples, and by the artist and film-maker Cosimo Terlizzi. The talk will be followed by a work session named “From Knos to TOC”, on parasitism, design and moving images.

in collaboration with
Università Federico II di Napoli/DiAARC
Manifatture Knos (Lecce)
Foreste Urbane (Copertino)