19/20 apr 18

@Lecce, Cinelab “Giuseppe Bertolucci”/Manifatture KNOS


19 apr 18, h 21
Angelo Alfredo Lüdin, Thomas Hirschhorn - Gramsci Monument
2015 / Documentary / Switzerland / sub ita from Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival / 94’

20 apr 18, h 21
Angelo Agosti, D’amore si vive
1983/ Documentary / Italy /  90’

The new edition of the documentary film festival of Gli Incontri del Terzo Luogo is led by the word “Entrustments”; the festival is organized by TOC Centre and Manifatture Knos, with the support of Apulia Film Commission. The screenings will take place at Cinelab “Giuseppe Bertolucci”, focusing on the relations between nature and man-made areas. 

“Gramsci Monument” (2015), a film of the director Angelo Alfredo Lüdin, will open the festival on Thursday 19th at 8.30 pm; the documentary is centered on the making process of the Gramsci Monument, built in Bronx (New York) by the Switzerland artist Thomas Hirschhorn. The director Lüdin will attend the event, introduced by the board of TOC-Centre. A special thanks to “Lo schermo dell’arte Film Festival” for the grant of the Italian subs version of the movie. 

On Friday 20th (start at 9 pm) will be screened “D’amore si vive” (1984) of Silvano Agosti, a research on affection and sensuality, realized editing 6 different interviews about physical and immaterial love. 

Free entry