14 nov 17
Shuffling Parasites

@Napoli, Chiesa dei SS. Demetrio e Bonifacio
Piazza Teodoro Monticelli
h. 18.00

free admission

TOC-Centre and DiARC are happy to invite you to the showcase of the program “Shuffling parasites”, a workshop based on the possible interactions between architecture, public spaces and moving images. The research program has involved some students of DiArc (Department of Architecture of the University “Federico “II” of Naples), coordinated by Bruna Sigillo and Maria Luna Nobile, phD and teachers at the graduation class 5UE, with the support of the collective 72H, as mentors. The showcase will be at the rooftop of the Department of Architecture of Naples, on Wednesday 13th of July, h 6 pm.

In this occasion the students, tutors and teachers will present the first phase of the project, coordinated by TOC-Centre with DiArc.

The activities of the workshop are part of #inresidence, a TOC program linking this process with the research of the visual artist and film-maker Cosimo Terlizzi, the landscapist Gabriele Fanuli and Patrizia Emma Scialpi, visual artist, part of the extended team of TOC-Centre. They are investigating on the theme of parasite in nature, and its visual representations.

These activities are realized in collaboration with Manifatture Knos and Labuat, Foreste Urbane, Casello13, Giacche Verdi.